New life in Korea

Gyeongbukgung, Seoul, originally uploaded by Elise in Asia.

I moved to Korea nearly a year ago. In case you haven’t visited my new blog, please click here.

Here is a teaser, a picture of the national folk museum in Gyeongbuk Palace, located in downtown Seoul.

New life, new blog

The semester in Korea is transforming into a permanent move, Korea exceeded every single expectation I had. I gave Taiwan a good run, 6 years, but hey, time for change! 😉

 I’m very happy in my new country, feel much more at home, and you can follow me to my new blog Elise in Korea.  See you there!

I’m here!

For those of you wondering, I’m taking a vacation from Taiwan and will spend this spring semester teaching in South Korea. My students are fantastic, bright, curious, awake, motivated, able bodied… It’s a really great teaching experience.

Happy Year of the Rat


Happy New Year to everyone, a lot of prosperity, health, everything you want!

I’m back in Taiwan as of last Tuesday, it’s cold, rainy, and downright chilly in the house. Space heaters do their job, but I just wish we could have a nice fireplace!!! Anyhow, it’s probably going to be 20 degrees next week, so it puts it all back into perspective.

I had a great time back in Quebec and did almost as much in 2 weeks as I did in 2 months last summer! Even had time for a laser touch up for my eyes, not pleasant but so worth it!

Our friends Mara and Arthur welcomed their beautiful son Nick into the world on January 29th, congratulations to them!

Back home

I’m back home until early February. It’s nice to visit Quebec in the winter: pretty snow, fire in the fireplace, winter landscapes! It’s even nicer to know I’ll be back in subtropical weather in less than 10 days, as I wouldn’t enjoy “real winter” as much knowing it would be like that until late March!!!

Happy New Year!


To all my readers near and far, I wish you a very happy year 2008!

Wow, I can’t believe we are in 2008 already, time really flies.

(Cool pattern by iza-ann found on colourlovers.com)

Merry Christmas


Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a year 2008 filled with happiness, prosperity and health.